Get Your Story Template Mode On

28 Oct 2022

Stuck on your next big tech story idea? Use the suggestions in this article to spark brilliance.

Get Started With a Template

Take inspiration from one of the 50+ writing templates to get started writing your next story.

Here are 3 to help you get started now!

  1. Always wanted to publish a software development course but don’t know where to start? Use our JavaScript, or Ruby templates to get started creating a 12-week course on HackerNoon by compiling all your favorite open-source resources.
  2. Have you traveled recently and experienced some cool tech? Use this template to tell us all about it.
  3. Are you a woman working in tech? Inspire us with your story. Use this template to help you get started.

How to Get Featured on the Homepage of HackerNoon

If you want to write a story that'll definitely get featured atop the homepage of, you might try taking a look at past top stories, and brainstorm story ideas from the following angles:

  1. Your Twitter thread (e.g. How I Grew My Twitter Account From 0 to 64k+ in Less Than a Year);
  2. Your Perspective on Current Events (e.g. How an 18-Year-Old Teen Breached Uber Without Hacking a Single System); or
  3. Your Technical Expertise (e.g. How KYC API Solves Identity Theft Problems in Finance).

BONUS TIP: Hacker Noon's Editors love long-form insights.

Aim to create a top story that's also evergreen content.

Take the time to perform a real deep dive into a niche subject.

For example:

  1. Write about a technology everyone uses and why they should be wary (How to Hack Facebook Accounts: 5 Common Vulnerabilities);
  2. Give advice on how you’ve solved a common problem (Consulting for Software Developers #2: Giving advice); or
  3. Write up a quick tutorial about the last useful thing you learned and/or Googled (Merge Intervals in Java Algorithms (LeetCode)).

In Summary:

To write a Hacker Noon top story, write over 800 words about a personal experience in the tech world; your (well-researched) views on what's happening in the world; or your technical knowledge.

✨ Use your imagination! ✨

If It Bleeds, It Leads

As in bleeding-edge technology, please.

It pays to read tech news.

Listen to podcasts.

Know what's up.

And when you’ve done all that work to publish a Story, get some feedback by looking at the stats. Learn more about the brand new stats page on HackerNoon here.