How to Vent in Eight Languages

9 Dec 2022

Hello Beautiful Humans!

It’s been quite the year so far. Feel free to pause and take a deep breath. If you’re a crypto faithful, you might need to take two, as yet another crypto villain has come to the fore in the last few weeks.

While the destructive domino set off by the FTX saga continues to topple over, thousands of Twitter employees are dusting off their resumes as Elon settles into his not-so-new role.

A lot is happening (as always) and we need YOU to help the HackerNoon community keep up. So tell us how you feel about Tech companies (and the people that run/work in them) here, or join our community to vote in the weekly HackerNoon Technology polls.

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At HackerNoon, we want everyone everywhere to have access to quality stories that are changing the world (for good or bad). This is why we have used machine learning to translate all HackerNoon top stories from English to Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, and Japanese.

If you want to get a chance to reach HackerNoon’s growing global audience but are unsure how to start, you can draw inspiration from our intuitive story templates.

Writing a Top Story

To get your story featured at the top of HackerNoon’s homepage and translated into 7 languages, a good first step is to take a look at previously published top stories.

You should take a quick look at pocket SEO tips from our VP of Editorial, our writing guidelines, and HackerNoon CEO David Smooke’s 3 Headline tips.

  1. You can then write your well-researched views on current events (White boy);
  2. Your technical expertise (A guide on how to build a blockchain with Javascript);
  3. Or even a story based on the results of a HackerNoon poll (33% of technologists think Section 230 reform will stifle free speech).

Finally, be creative and authentic.

Start Writing your HackerNoon story now.

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