Who is Going to Win the CPU War Between AMD and Intel?

15 Oct 2022

Hey Hackers!

With the end of the year coming around, it is time for new technology and hardware releases! And we want to know how you plan to spend this tech season. Below are some hot topics paired with writing templates for you to easily share your thoughts with the HackerNoon community.

This Week’s Topic Suggestions from HackerNoon Editors

Apple released its new line of iPhones and Apple Watches, and now Google is set to follow on Oct. 6 with its own Pixel event. What do you think of Apple’s new iPhones and watches? Have we reached peak smartphone yet? Let us know your thoughts here.

The world of hardware is as hot as a Carolina Reaper right now with AMD and Intel at each other’s throats in the CPU wars. AMD just released their new line of Ryzen CPUs and Intel is looking to respond in force with their 13th gen CPUs launching Oct. 20. Who do you think is going to win the war of the CPUs between AMD and Intel?

In the land of GPUs, Nvidia is launching their ground-breaking and wallet-emptying RTX4000 series of GPUs, with the flagship RTX4090 coming out Oct. 12 for an eye-watering $1,600. Intel is also going ahead with the full-scale launch of its more budget-oriented ARC series of GPUs and AMD is prepping its lineup of next-generation RDNA 3 GPUs and plans to launch them before the end of the year. Are AMD and Nvidia going to continue dominating the GPU space or is Intel going to be a dark horse that will come and take the crown from them?

October is set to be a doozy with a bunch of new games coming out, such as Overwatch 2, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Gotham Knights, Bayonetta 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. - Do all these game releases get you hyped up? Share your thoughts with us here!

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