Write on Autonomy; Win from $9,000!

19 Feb 2024

Heyo, Hacker! This writing prompt is designed by the HackerNoon editorial team and our friends at Āut Labs, with themes and ideas for you to enter the Opt Out Writing contest. See the contest announcement here. Learn how to enter the contest here.

How do you define autonomy? How much do you care for it?

Why is it important, or why should we give it importance?

How can we achieve it on the web?

Does true decentralization really exist? Is there a way to eliminate central control without hurting trust and accountability?

If these questions matter to you, your contribution matters to us. Prizes from $9,000 (in USDT) will be given to the top autonomy stories on HackerNoon!

Here are a few suggestions by the team of Aut Labs for you to follow:

Autonomy in Decentralized Systems, Collectives and DAOs:

Explore the critical role of autonomy in decentralized systems like DAOs. Consider focusing on how Āut’s mission and products (i.e.: Nova, ĀutID, ĀutOS, …) enhance this. You can tell us about Roman’s triumvirates, Greek’s poleis, French communes - or some role-based, [dys/u]topian society that is yet to come.

Autonomy in Art, Technology, and Activism:

Remember the “hacker labs” in the Berlin of the 90ies? We love that vibe. Consider the intersection of autonomy in art, technology, and activist reforms - highlighting innovative approaches based on autonomy of one or multiple parties. As well as how these parties can play together to take down a censoring, centralized, self-absorbed Moloch.

Autonomy in the Workplace:

ell us a story on how a “workplace of the future” may look like. Are we aiming towards a dystopian, whole-state surveillance, or towards the highest level of individual autonomy and collective productivity that humankind has ever seen? Anything worse? Anything in between? Reshape the future workplace and work culture, especially imagining a world where decentralized organizations actually made it.

Role-specific Autonomy:

50 shades of Autonomy. Is autonomy different for DeFi degens vs. artists & writers vs. political scientists & philosophers vs. governance vs. devs & mathematicians? Feel free to tackle them all at once, tell us a story about one of them - or create a role-based governance model that is going to take the future generations by storm.

Collective Autonomy:

Square and simple. What is Collective Autonomy, isn't it a paradox in terms, and what does that even mean? Yeah, all that jazz. You can take a mathematical angle, invent new game-theorical rules of the game, or just make up a story that even for a second lets us suspend our disbelief.

Use this template to start writing your story!

All the best, hacktivist!