WEEX Launches WXT Presale: Affiliates Can Purchase At a 30% Discount with Invitation Points

31 May 2024

Singapore, 1st June 2024– WEEX, the futures-friendly trading platform, will officially launch its global ecosystem incentive token WEEX WXT Presale, kicking-off with the WXT “Ribbon-Cutting Event” on June 1st, 2024. Affiliates can participate in the WXT Presale by inviting new users to register, and earn points based on the activity of those users. Using their total proportion of points, Affiliates can subscribe to WXT at a 30% discount at the conclusion of the first-round of the presale.

New users can participate in the WXT "Ribbon-Cutting Event" by completing tasks such as registering their new account, submitting KYC, making a deposit, and engaging in futures trading to receive free WEEX WXT airdrops. A single user can receive up to 198,700 WXT, while contributing up to 1,000 points to the affiliate they registered through, during this period.

\In addition to these exclusive new user campaigns, existing users of WEEX will be able to participate in daily platform activities to receive free WEEX WXT airdrops. Moreover, both new and existing users can participate in trade mining and other TGE ( Token Generation Event ) of WXT on WEEX.

Affiliates Purchase at a 30% Discount, New Users Receive Free Tokens

The WEEX WXT Presale is divided into three stages:

-Registration Stage (June 1st to 30th): Affiliates can register to participate in the Presale campaign, recruit new users, and earn points.

For every 100,000-point accumulation milestone that is reached by all affiliates, an additional 10 million WXT will be unlocked and added to the total prize pool, starting from an initial prize pool of 10 million WXT. The maximum prize pool that can be unlocked through this system is capped at 70 million WXT.

Affiliates will receive their WXT subscription allocation based on their points proportion. Example: If the total points are 700,000, the total WXT prize pool is 70 million. Affiliate A has 50,000 points, so their WXT subscription allocation is 5/70 * 70,000,000 = 5,000,000 WXT.

The collective points and WXT prize pool will be announced in real-time on the WEEX official website. Affiliates can log in to the WEEX website to view their "New Users Invited", "My Points", and "Amount available for subscription" data, and check their ranking on the leaderboard, ensuring full transparency.

-Subscription Stage (July 1st to 7th): Affiliates can purchase WXT using USDT at a 30% discount. The issuance price of WXT is $0.01 per token, making the purchase price for affiliates $0.007 per token.

-WEEX WXT Distribution and Lock-up (July 8th to 12th): WXT purchased through this Presale campaign will be distributed to affiliates and locked for one year, then released linearly every month over the next 12 months.

\The primary goal of the Presale campaign is to incentivize affiliates to invite more users to register and trade on WEEX by offering WXT at a discounted price, supported by the "Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony," which offers up to 198,700 WXT airdrop rewards per user. This way, affiliates benefit from a 30% discount, and new users receive free tokens, benefiting both the inviter and the invitee.

WXT: Incentivized Ecosystem, Growing with More Affiliates

WEEX Token (WXT) is an ERC-20 token launched by WEEX Global, designed as the cornerstone of the WEEX ecosystem. It serves as a dynamic incentive mechanism, primarily used to reward WEEX Exchange community affiliates, contributors, pioneers, and active members.

"WEEX has always adhered to the philosophy of 'Community First', and delivering a secure, reliable, engaging user experience to our loyal WEEXers has been our #1 priority since launch. Now, with WXT, we can allocate a portion of the profits created by our audience to issue and subsidize WXT, aiming to enhance the value we provide our partners, affiliates, and traders through this new utility," said Andrew Weiner, VP of WEEX Global.

\To fulfill the initial goal of ecosystem incentives and sharing development dividends with the community, WEEX WXT is designed as a utility token with a rich range of use cases and empowerment mechanisms, including nearly ten exclusive benefits for holders such as Launchpad event access, trading fee discounts, and VIP exclusive rights, as well as a buyback and deflation mechanism to ensure long term stability.

The total supply of WEEX WXT is 10 billion, with 65% allocated entirely for WEEX ecosystem incentives, including: 15% for the Investor Protection Fund (to protect user asset security and enhance trust), 15% for holding incentives (to encourage users to  hold long-term), 15% for new user acquisition (to increase user volume and trading volume), 15% for KOL cooperation/brand building (to enhance brand awareness), and 5% for private sales to affiliates (to bind more external resources).

This allocation mechanism not only reflects the intention of an incentive ecosystem and growing with more affiliates, but also makes the WEEX WXT holding addresses decentralized.

\For the token release cycle, 65% of WEEX WXT has a lock-up period of up to 5 years; 5% for affiliate private sales is locked for one year, then released linearly over 12 months starting in the second year; the remaining 15% of the Investor Protection Fund and 15% of the WEEX WXT Ecosystem Fund are also for long-term holding. The short-term release pressure would be minimal and the token price could increase after the WEEX WXT is listed.

\Both the allocation mechanism and the release cycle reflect WEEX WXT's commitment to giving back to the community and expanding the exchange ecosystem in the long term, rather than short-term profit-making through token issuance. This philosophy is also evident for the WXT Presale: the end goal is to attract and acquire new users.

\As the WEEX platform continues to grow, the price of WEEX WXT is bound to increase, achieving mutual empowerment and feedback between the exchange and the platform token, forming a positive growth flywheel: more users and larger trading volume → more income and profit → more platform token buyback and burn → greater community incentives → better platform development.

WEEX: Challenging Zero Fees

WEEX started with futures copy trading, hyperscaling into new markets with affiliates as the primary point of introduction. With advantages in trading depth, a 1,000 BTC audited customer protection reserve fund, and multiple licenses globally, WEEX quickly emerged as a leading challenger-brand in the competitive cryptocurrency exchange market, growing its futures contract business by 3,000% throughout the "Crypto Winter" of 2022, and entering the black of profitability by the end of that same year.

\In 2023, WEEX maintained its rapid growth, ranking among the top ten derivative exchanges on CMC. That year, WEEX completed a new round of financing led by the Korean listed company FSN (214270.KQ) at a valuation of $100 million, leveraging local advantages from Korean Web3 affiliates to accelerate its expansion in the Korean market. Simultaneously, WEEX accelerated its token listing pace to address the shortage of platform tokens available to consumers. To date, WEEX has listed over 300 futures trading pairs and more than 200 spot trading pairs.

\In 2024, to further accelerate its globalization strategy, WEEX introduced a zero-fee policy—supporting zero-fee trading for all spot tokens and new futures trading pairs, making it one of the lowest-cost trading platforms globally. Additionally, WEEX invited former MEXC Global VP Andrew Weiner to join as WEEX Global VP, leveraging his extensive industry experience and resources to assist in global market expansion.

\With the launch of the WXT platform token, WEEX is poised to achieve a significant growth milestone. Their slogan, “Where New Wealth is Made,” reflects their ambitious vision for the future. By leveraging WXT, WEEX plans to expand its network of affiliates and utilize external resources, thereby enhancing its competitiveness in the global market.

\Historical data shows that platform tokens have always been one of the highest value-added segments in the crypto market. According to public data, the ATH (All-Time High) of BNB, CRO, and OKB increased by 6,863 times, 65 times, and 74 times respectively from their private sale prices. Besides the noticeable price increases, platform token holders can also enjoy exclusive benefits such as launchpad, fee discounts, and financial returns, with indirect investment returns being immeasurable. According to a CoinGecko report, Binance Launchpad projects in 2022 and 2023 had returns ranging from 11 times to 411 times the initial investment, with the top three AXS, MATIC, and SAND reaching maximum increases of 1,649 times, 1,110 times, and 1,008 times respectively.

\However, after continuous rounds of skyrocketing growth, the major exchange platform tokens are now rather expensive. In contrast, the upcoming WEEX WXT, backed by the strong capital and rapid growth of WEEX, undoubtedly has a higher risk-reward ratio advantage, making it an ideal investment for investors who favor such projects.

\WEEX Official Website: https://www.weex.com

About WXT: https://www.weex.com/wxt

WEEX Mandarin Community: https://t.me/weex_group

Official X: https://x.com/WEEX_Official

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