Using Console.Log to Its Fullest: Tips and Tricks for Enhanced Debugging and Development

13 Jun 2024

When developing, debugging, or troubleshooting web applications, console.log is one of the most frequently used tools by developers. It offers a straightforward method for outputting data to the console, which helps in understanding code execution and locating problems. Still, a lot of developers are just utilizing a small portion of console.log's capabilities.

In this article, we'll look at many console.log tips to help you with debugging and development.

Basic Tricks:

  • Multiple Values: Log multiple values with commas separating them
console.log("Message: Hi Dhanush", 10, true);

multiple values image

  • Template Literals: Use template literals for formatted strings:
const name = "Dhanush";
console.log(`Hello, ${name}!`);

template literal image

Formatting and Organization:

  • console.table: Present data in a neat table format:
const data = { name: "Dhanush", hobby: "Chess" };

console table image

  • Organize logs with collapsible sections:"Network Info");
console.log("IP:", "");
console.groupCollapsed("Details");  // Use for initially hidden sections
console.log("MAC Address:", "AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF");

console group image

  • console.clear: Clear the console for a fresh start.

console clear image

Advanced Debugging:

  • console.dir: Get a detailed object structure view:
const person = { name: "Dhanush", hobbies: ["youtube", "chess"] };

console dir image

  • console.assert: Log only if a condition fails (useful for debugging assumptions):
const age = 18;
console.assert(age >= 21, "User must be over 21");

console assert image

  • console.count/console.countReset: Create a counter for tracking occurrences:
console.count("API Calls");  // Increments each time called
console.count("API Calls");
console.countReset("API Calls");  // Resets the counter
console.count("API Calls");

console count image

  • console.time/console.timeEnd: Measure code execution time:
console.time("Loop Time");
for (let i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    // Do something
console.timeEnd("Loop Time");

console time image

  • console.trace: Print a stack trace to pinpoint where an error occurred.
function a() {
  function b() {


console trace image

Browser Information and Interaction:

console.log(console): Explore the available console methods themselves.


console image

  • console.log(navigator): Access browser information (user agent, language, etc.).

Fun and Creative Uses:

  • ASCII Art: Create basic images using console characters:
console.log("    ____")
console.log("   / _  \\")
console.log("  ( o.o )")
console.log("   \\___/")

ASCII image

  • Simple Animations: Combine console.clear with multiple lines for basic animations.
let position = 0;
const width = 20; // Width of the console "screen"
const speed = 100; // Speed of the animation (in milliseconds)

function animate() {
    let output = '';

    // Create a string with spaces followed by a dot
    for (let i = 0; i < width; i++) {
        if (i === position) {
            output += '●'; // The moving dot
        } else {
            output += ' ';


    // Update position

    // Reset position to create a looping animation
    if (position >= width) {
        position = 0;

// Set an interval to update the animation frame
setInterval(animate, speed);

Animations image

Logging Levels (Browser Dependent):

  • console.log: General information.
  • console.debug: Debugging messages (often hidden by default).
  • Informational messages.
  • console.warn: Warning messages (usually yellow text).
  • console.error: Error messages (usually red text).
console.log('This is a general information message.');

console.debug('This is a debugging message.');'This is an informational message.');

console.warn('This is a warning message.');

console.error('This is an error message.');

log image

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