Stardew Valley 1.6 on Switch: For the Console, The Wait Continues ("As Soon as Possible")

20 Jun 2024

Dear Nintendo Switch players, owners of Stardew Valley farmers, coworkers, friends, loved ones, and whoever is interested in it! Many of you who have your fingers crossed for the release of the highly-anticipated 1.6 version may be slightly disappointed to find that there is no update available.

It would be best to admit that waiting for new content felt like waiting for an entire season in Stardew Valley, especially while those PC players have been sinking their hands into 1.6. While the update started with the PC version in March 2024, console and mobile farmers are still waiting to catch a glimpse of this update.

ConcernedApe, the creator of Stardew Valley, has been vocal about this and has assured players that he is fine. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Stardew Valley 1.6 on Switch is missing, and the company has not released a specific date yet. Where it has worked, the message has been ’soon’ or ’as soon as possible, which does not work well for those eager to engage with the new content.

Latest Update on Stardew Valley 1.6 on Switch

The highly anticipated 1.6 update for Stardew Valley brings new content like festivals, crops, and NPC interactions, making it overwhelming. The update includes a new farm layout, a mastery system for skill points, and new festivals and events to enhance gameplay.

New Farm Layout: Midlands Farm

The new Farm layout in the 1.6 update introduces the Midlands Farm with unique features like rivers, ponds, and chewy Blue Grass, providing a fresh experience for animal lovers.

Mastery System for Skill Points

The Mastery system allows players to earn new skill points and access a cave with skill pillars for combat, foraging, farming, fishing, and mining, offering a deeper gameplay progression.

New Festivals and Events

The update adds four new festivals and events, including fishing festivals and a mysterious environmental event, diversifying the in-game experiences and keeping gameplay engaging.

Introduction of New Crops and Quests

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update in the game introduces new crops, quests, neighbors, and a traveling book salesman, enhancing gameplay with mystery boxes, winter outfits, and NPC dialogue options.

New NPC Interactions

The addition of a traveling book salesman who offers books with various benefits like running faster, gaining more experience, and increasing profits adds depth to gameplay.

Mystery Boxes and Rewards

The inclusion of mystery boxes as an exciting feature for players achieving the millionaire milestone offers valuable items and rewards through unique gameplay mechanics

Meanwhile, How Can You Remain Updated on Stardew Valley 1.6 Switch?

Follow ConcernedApe

Regularly follow the social media accounts of the developer in case they discontinue the program and provide an official statement about it.

Check Gaming News Sites:

Wait and look for gaming news websites for information on the next update of the Stardew Valley 1. 6 console release.

Browse the Patch Notes (At Your Own Risk!):

That is going to be out in late December, though you can snoop around if you want—and we mean all the way, as you can play Stardew Valley 1. By the way, do not forget to check the last 6 patches to reveal what features and changes great developers are going to introduce in your game at some point.

As much as it hurts to stay on the bench, we know how you, fellow farmers, feel, so bear with it. The 1. 6 updates will be available on Switch “as soon as possible," so you will be able to receive new plants and new content back in your lovely Pelican Town.