QTK Launches $1 Million Airdrop: Claim Your Share Now

28 May 2024

QuantCheck (Ticker: QTK), a comprehensive all-in-one crypto backtesting and strategy-building platform, is designed to provide users with advanced tools and strategies, reducing effort while maximizing returns.

This article outlines each step, from signing up to creating a strategy using the intuitive drag-and-drop technology offered by QuantCheck, and explains how users can win tokens through the upcoming airdrop. With QuantCheck, users can perform backtesting and build strategies without writing any code.

It is very simple for the pros and even the newer traders. Let’s dive into the steps needed to participate in the massive $1million airdrop!

Step 1: Sign Up

To get started, visit the QuantCheck website at www.quantcheck.com and click on the 'Connect Wallet' option.

  • Connect your preferred decentralized exchange (DEX) wallet, such as MetaMask.

  • Complete the registration form by entering your full name and email address.

Step 2: How to Participate

After signing up, you'll be taken to the back-testing dashboard.

  • Click on the 'Earn Tokens' option to participate.

  • In the 'Earn Tokens' section, click 'Participate Now' to enter the quests. Note: You can participate in the Quest multiple times. The more you participate, the higher your chances of winning rewards.

Step 3: Create a Strategy

Creating a strategy with QuantCheck is straightforward.

  • In the back-testing dashboard, you'll find a chart, a drag-and-drop section, trading indicators, and an operators section. Note: The trading pairs, timeframe, and dates are pre-set for the quest.

  • Important: Do not click the 'Edit' option. Making changes to altcoins, timeframe, or timeline will automatically opt you out of the Quest.

  • If you need guidance, click the 'Strategy Kit' option to reference existing strategies.

  • Use the indicators and operators to create your entry and exit strategy.

Step 4: Get Results

Once your strategy is ready, click the 'Backtest' button at the top-right corner.

  • A pop-up screen will appear indicating that your backtest is in progress.

  • In a few seconds, your results will appear on the screen. You can take a screenshot and click the ‘Share Now’ option to share your results on social media platforms like X (Twitter). Sharing profitable results can help you connect with other traders and complete the quest.

  • For a detailed overview of your strategies, scroll down or click the 'View Analytics' option. This includes trade information, summaries, and trade activity. You can take a snapshot of your results or export them as a CSV file.

  • To review your Back-testing History, click the ‘Show History’ option. You can access your strategy's analytics directly by clicking the 'View Analytics' option.

Step 5: Check the Leaderboard

To see your position on the QuantCheck Quests leaderboard:

  • Click on the 'Earn Tokens' section, then select 'Leaderboard.'

  • Your profile name and DEX wallet address will be displayed based on your results and strategy performance. The leaderboard ranks participants by their ROI. The more you back-test your strategies, the better your chances of staying at the top.

Step 6: Feedback

You can leave feedback and help improve the user experience. Click the ‘Feedback’ option and fill out the form accordingly.

Important Tips to Stay Competitive

  • Follow, like, share, and repost QTK quest-related posts.
  • Regularly backtest your strategies and share profitable results on social media.
  • Keep track of the leaderboard to stay updated on your rank.

Native Token: QTK:

QTK is the ticker for Quantcheck, listed on MEXC Global. Despite market uncertainties, QTK maintains an average trading volume of $1 million, demonstrating the token's strength. While we don't make price predictions, the innovative product behind QTK suggests a bright future.

Note: This guide aims to clarify the steps for building strategies and earning tokens on the QTK platform.

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