PlayFi Partners With Four Industry Leaders To Enhance Gaming Innovation Through AI And Web3

10 Jun 2024

**NEW YORK CITY, United States, June 10th, 2024/Chainwire/--**PlayFi,an AI-powered data network and blockchain tailored for the gaming industry, has announced new engagements with four industry leaders aimed at strengething the gaming ecosystem through enhanced technology integrations. PlayFi, which sits at the intersection of gaming, web3, and AI, will be working alongside Aethir, MultiversX, Squid, and Matter Labs, furthering PlayFi’s commitment to advancing the gaming industry with cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

“We are thrilled to be working with industry leaders like Aethir, MultiversX, Squid, and MatterLabs, on a shared mission to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming,” said Ben Beath, founder and CEO of PlayFi.

“Together, we share a goal in creating a more interconnected, efficient, and immersive gaming ecosystem that will benefit developers and players alike. We are grateful for the work we’ve already done as partners and look forward to the milestones we will achieve together.”

The goal throughout all of these engagements allows PlayFi to enhance its web3 offerings across verticals by integrating advanced blockchain technology into the gaming ecosystem, enhancing cross-chain interactions, improving data security and accessibility, and providing seamless, cost-efficient experiences for developers and gamers. This will be achieved by:

  • Aethir’s GPU resources: As part of a shared commitment to optimizing GPU cloud computing resource use and enhancing technological capabilities across gaming and AI, PlayFi and Aethir are joining forces to harness this technological expertise and bring mass-market gaming to the blockchain, fostering approaches that support a robust gaming ecosystem and enable developers to build seamless Web3 experiences on top of Web2 IP.

    Aethir's expertise in redistributing GPU resources by leveraging decentralized cloud infrastructure is vital to PlayFi, as it aims to enhance the gaming ecosystem and provide gamers worldwide with unparalleled experiences. In addition, PlayFi is also providing all Aethir Checker Node holders guaranteed whitelist access to PlayFi's upcoming node license sale, ensuring they secure the best prices. More information on this integration can be found here.

  • MultiversX’s secure data storage: Through collaboration with MultiversX, PlayFi will enable the MultiversX ecosystem to leverage the PlayBase network – the AI-driven core of the PlayFi ecosystem – to securely store data from blockchain-powered games and sovereign chains. PlayFi will work with MultiversX on the development of specialized oracles compatible with the MultiversX infrastructure, offering seamless access to PlayBase’s rich data, thus unlocking new possibilities and enriching gaming experiences.

  • Squid’s SDK integration: PlayFi and Squid have joined forces to boost interactivity and accessibility within the PlayFi ecosystem. Together, this enables seamless token swaps across different blockchains. With Squid's innovative API and SDK integration, PlayFi users can effortlessly swap any token type, connecting diverse blockchain environments such as Ethereum, zkSync, and Polygon.

    Thanks to this integration, in-game items, rewards, and other digital assets can now be won in one game and redeemed in another. This integration aims to set new standards in gaming by reducing costs, improving efficiency, and broadening market reach, ultimately expanding gaming possibilities and scaling user experiences at increased ease.

  • Matter Labs’ ZK Stack: Matter Labs’ ZK Stack is the powerful Layer-2 solution powering PlayFi’s PlayBase blockchain. By incorporating ZK Stack, PlayFi benefits from ultra-low gas fees, combining the efficiencies of ZK Rollups and Validiums, which significantly reduces costs while boosting transaction throughput.

    This integration also introduces native account abstraction, making PlayFi accessible to a broader audience by allowing transactions without a crypto wallet. With faster finality times, seamless connectivity, and liquidity access within the ZK Stack network, including zkSync, this integration ensures PlayFi remains at the forefront of blockchain infrastructure, providing a fast, affordable, and interconnected gaming experience.

“PlayFi unites AI and gaming, the two key sectors in which Aethir is engaged as a decentralized cloud computing provider. Through our collaboration with PlayFi, we are supporting cutting-edge innovations that leverage the power of AI to enhance Web3 gaming and introduce new, groundbreaking experiences for builders and players alike. Aethir’s DePIN stack is a reliable and highly-scalable ally of AI and gaming platforms, so teaming up with an industry innovator like PlayFi was a natural step for us,” said Daniel Wang, CEO of Aethir.

The PlayFi team is led by a 6x startup founder alongside builders who have impressive experience at Activision Blizzard, BumbleBear Games (developer of popular arcade game Killer Queen), Meta, BattleFly Game, and more.

Users can follow PlayFi on X or visit for continued updates.

About PlayFi

PlayFi is redefining gaming by integrating blockchain technology to enhance gameplay and community engagement. Through its cutting-edge PlayChain technology and AI-powered PlayBase network, PlayFi ensures a fast, secure, and scalable zkEVM blockchain solution, as well as optimal data processing and analysis tailored for the gaming industry.

With a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience with web3, PlayFi is empowering developers, players, and studios across the globe to push the boundaries of innovation in an ever-evolving digital landscape and setting new standards in how games are played, developed, and monetized. For more information, users can visit


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