Is Cyber Security a Good Career Choice in 2024?

7 Jun 2024

Cybersecurity professionals today hold the baton of imperative jobs in this tech-driven world. The importance of cybersecurity cannot simply be overstated as cyber threats become more common and sophisticated. This brings us to the question: is cyber security a good career choice in 2024?

The demand for cyber security is witnessing steady growth on the global level. This comes from the rise in computers and technologies for even the minutest of tasks. Being safe from cyber threats and attacks is now the prime concern of individuals, organizations, and even national agencies. This blog journeys through a career in cybersecurity.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity refers to a process involving detecting, tackling, and recovering from any cyber attacks or intrusions. Many domains are covered in cyber security including application security, forensics, cryptography, ethical hacking, network security, etc. To deal with all these, a multidisciplinary approach around technology, people, and processes is required.

Statistics Around Cybersecurity

Here are some key statistics around cybersecurity, covering its growth, expected future, and job space. These stats are necessary to better understand the future possibilities associated with this sector. Data is a powerful source to make informed decisions, and everyone should utilize it.

  • The cost incurred due to cybercrime globally is expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually. This number has taken a staggering 300 percent jump from 2015. - stats by McKinsey and Company survey.
  • The information security roles will witness a leap of 32% between 2022 and 2032. - stats by US Bureau of Labor Statistics report.
  • The cyber security market globally is expected to swell to $538.3 billion by 2030. - stats by statista.
  • Data breaches between 2021 and 2023 rose by 72%. Consequently, there were over 343 million cyberattack victims in 2023. - stats by ITRC report.
  • The cost incurred due to data breaches in 2023 was $4.45 million USD - stats by IBM report.
  • Around 94% companies have reported at least one incident related to email security issues - stats by report by Egress.

Career in Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity career means getting to work in different security cyber roles. The focus is on protecting technological and online assets from unauthorized or illegal use. Cybersecurity professionals have knowledge about the working of various business technologies and computers. These experts identify potential weaknesses and enhance the company’s cyber security stand. Some key areas where these professionals shine are -

  • Keeping the business IT updated
  • Identifying potential threats by monitoring network traffic
  • Creating security roles
  • Educating company employees about cyber threats
  • Evaluating new products
  • Complying with the industry standards
  • Blocking unauthorized access
  • Maintaining compliance with government rules and regulations
  • Developing a response/ block plan in the scenario of an attack
  • Testing protections & business recovery plans
  • Installing access control & authentication

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Benefits of Cyber Security Career Choice

Making a career in the field of cyber security means enjoying plenty of benefits. Cyber security is considered a good career choice for professionals of all knowledge and experience levels. Here are some key reasons to get started in this field.

Multiple Career Options

The cyber security field offers many career options once an individual gets started. With the best cybersecurity certifications, there are plenty of attached job roles. With increasing experience and skill level, one can upgrade their job title by applying for higher-level jobs.

Additionally, a cybersecurity professional also has the opportunity to work in different industries. As the dependency on the internet increases, the demand for these professionals will increase in all sectors.

Advancing Work & Technologies

The software, technology, and processes employed by businesses are advancing rapidly. This leads to changes in cybersecurity positions as they change to fit the evolving trends and technologies. Advancing work and technologies means there’s a continuous learning process for all professionals involved.

High-Profile Employers

Cybersecurity professionals can explore the opportunity to work with high-profile employers from around the globe. The bigger the organization, the better the computer systems and networks with them. These employers could be anyone, from government institutions to global law firms and multinational retailers to top NGOs.

Remote Working Opportunities

Working as a cyber security professional means working on the computer most of the time. This opens up the opportunity to work remotely or take up hybrid jobs. Post-pandemic, this flexibility has become a must for many professionals, especially those interested in exploring global opportunities.

Continuous Demand

The advancing technologies have a direct impact on the continuously growing demand for these professionals. There is no dearth of national and international job vacancies today. This implies that many employers are looking for skilled and certified experts who have the right experience and expertise. This growing demand is beneficial for potential employees.

High Paying Skilled Roles

Every position in cybersecurity requires skills, knowledge, and expertise. With the right experience, individuals can also choose to take up better roles based on those hands-on learnings and lessons. Cybersecurity roles are often tagged as high-paying ones since the skills are in high demand.

Strong Future

There is no scope for doubt around the fact that the cybersecurity field holds a strong future. Digital processes are a part of many businesses' daily operations, which directly means increased chances of cyber threats. To tackle all associated cyber threats and crime, companies will increasingly hire more skilled professionals.

Top Cybersecurity Jobs

Still confused about the top cyber security jobs? Here is a list containing the job titles associated with cybersecurity that are highest in demand today.

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer, aka CISO
  • Security Operations Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Penetration Tester
  • Network Operations Center Technician (NOC)
  • Digital Forensics Examiner
  • Malware Analyst
  • Cloud Security Specialist
  • Incident Manager
  • Database Administrator


Cybersecurity is a good career choice not just for 2024 but for the coming years, too. As the usage of technology in companies across all industries increases, Cyber threats become a major concern. The impact is directly felt and seen in the demand for cybersecurity professionals who are certified, trained, and highly skilled.

Get started in this highly expansive field with the right learning resources and means. There are endless opportunities, as discussed above, and each of those is attainable. Choose an apt certification and make a career in this growing sector.