Faced With the Demagoguery of Politicians Everywhere in the World, Bitcoin Is Your Best Bulwark

27 Jun 2024

At the start of 2024, you could read everywhere that 2024 would be a historic year for the world in electoral terms. Indeed, more than half the world's population was called upon to vote for their president or members of parliament. As we stand in the middle of 2024, some elections have already delivered their verdict, whether in Taiwan, Russia, India, Indonesia, or the European Union.

Other elections have come as a surprise, such as the French legislative elections, which will be held on June 30 and July 7 respectively. Of course, there remains the big one of this historic electoral year of 2024, with the American presidential election set to take place in November. The whole world is hanging on the outcome of this election. Who will be chosen democratically by the American people, Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

At the moment, Donald Trump seems to be holding the rope, but this election is probably far from having delivered all its surprises.

In any case, as I've watched all these elections around the world, something has jumped out at me. All over the world, it's the same old story. All these politicians are ready to promise the sky's the limit to get elected when most of them have already proved in the past that they'll never change the flawed and not fixable system that enslaves us.

Everyone comes up with their method, supposedly better than that of their competitors, but in the end, the people always suffer. Whether you vote for one candidate or another, you will always be the victim of this system. Some people will say to me: “Yes, but with this candidate, it's not so bad!”

Maybe so. But in the end, that's not enough to change your life for the better. The damage will be less colossal, but this flawed system will continue to thrive because the real power in this area has long ceased to lie with the White House or other chancelleries. The power lies with the Fed and other major global central banks such as the ECB. The power lies here. And on their side, no change on the horizon!

The ECB continues to push ahead with its digital euro, which will serve to control and monitor the people a little more day by day. Donald Trump says he wants to prevent a digital dollar, but in my opinion, he will only delay the inevitable. The Fed will end up imposing it on you. Sooner or later, unfortunately.

These are the same central banks that are allies of the governments that promote endless wars around the world to find ever more pretexts to print ever more fiat money out of thin air. The more fiat money is printed, the greater the power of these central bankers over the world.

This flawed system we're stuck in is made up of vague promises, empty promises, demagoguery, magic money, but also secret commissions where a few people who don't represent the people decide for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

That's why I keep repeating that my vote for 2024 and beyond is for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin system as a whole. I'm not just talking about Bitcoin as a financial investment, as some financial giants would like to sell you, but about the Bitcoin system as an alternative to the current system.

Bitcoin's governance is decentralized, computerized, rigorous, and serious. You know the rules in advance. You can check the rules of the Bitcoin system at any time, statically or dynamically. This transparency will change people's lives. It's also the reason why so many of the current system's elites are up in arms against Bitcoin.

Their concession in recent months has been to welcome Bitcoin, but only in a version integrated into the current system via Bitcoin Spot ETFs. But Bitcoin is much more than that. Bitcoin must not be reduced to just another financial investment. Bitcoin must remain a superior alternative to the current system. A system that people can appropriate to free themselves from the current system.

In the Bitcoin whitepaper, which I invite you to read once again, you'll find lots of inspiring phrases, including the one I'm thinking of as I write these lines:

“The network is robust in its unstructured simplicity.”

The Bitcoin system is a robust network on which we can build a better future for as many people as possible. In these times of election campaigns, past, present, or future, remember that your interest lies with Bitcoin and not with candidates who use Bitcoin to seduce the people. These same candidates will not hesitate to turn their backs on their promises to attack Bitcoin again, because Bitcoin is our best chance to free ourselves from this system that these elites control and of which they are the product whether they want to admit it or not.

It's up to you to decide.

For my part, the vote will be unambiguous: BITCOIN.