Entangle Expands Omnichain Support To Non-EVM With Solana Integration

3 Jun 2024

DUBAI, UAE, June 3rd, 2024, Chainwire/--Entangle has confirmed the integration of Solana into its Photon messaging protocol, marking a major milestone for the blockchain interoperability platform. Although achieving interoperability between disparate ecosystems has historically proven challenging, Entangle has become the first protocol to enable trustless cross-chain messaging between the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) ecosystem and non-EVM Layer-1 networks like Solana.

As well as heralded the first cross-chain delivery of Solana to EVM, the platform’s team said it had achieved the fastest instance of cross-chain messaging from EVM to Non-EVM. Alongside the integration, Entangle has also launched the NGL-Solana bridge, enabling users to transfer their native Entangle utility tokens to the Solana environment.

Thanks to Entangle’s landmark breakthrough, blockchain developers – particularly those drawn to the flexibility, scalability, and performance of platforms like Solana – can now build decentralized applications (dApps) capable of securely interacting with smart contracts and assets across both EVM and non-EVM environments, creating a true omnichain experience.

Retail users keen to bridge funds to and from EVM and non-EVM chains are also likely to be interested in the launch.

The omnichain solution suite pioneered by Entangle extends beyond Photon’s cross-chain messaging and includes components such as Universal Data Feeds (high-frequency data processing with embedded logic), Liquid Vaults (a protocol to create composable derivatives tokens), and an e-Bridge (enabling token transfers between over 14 networks).

To date, the platform has secured partnerships and integrations with over 75 blockchain applications, as well as welcoming $4 million investment from leading crypto VCs. A recent public token sale saw a further $1.45 million raised, while the successful mainnet launch followed two years of intensive development and testing.

About Entangle

Entangle is a leading blockchain platform for connecting networks, protocols, and assets across the web3 ecosystem. By creating a unified ecosystem, Entangle empowers developers and users to interact seamlessly across multiple blockchains, enhancing connectivity and fostering innovation.

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